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About Tyndale Library

Interior of Library You never know who you’ll bump into in Tyndale Library at New Saint Andrews College. In one corner, you’ll find Moses enjoying a good laugh at Darwin’s expense. Nearby, Hamlet is mumbling to himself. Down the aisle, Flannery is showing Euclid how to color outside the lines. In the periodical section, Father Brown is looking for a recent article on faking the Shroud of Turin. And the librarian is shushing Luther and Erasmus, telling them to quiet down again.

Tyndale Library is where some of our best friends hang out, and we’d like you to join them. Your financial support will help bring the library to life and ensure that New Saint Andrews College students will have the opportunity to meet many of your closest friends and to share with them the adventure of exploring God’s world together for years to come.

A gift to the Friends of Tyndale Library will help build learning resources, improve information technology, and expand the cultural opportunities for students, faculty and Moscow neighbors. As an organization, the Friends of Tyndale Library supports the purchase of books and periodicals, provides for the maintenance and improvement of our facilities, and keeps our dearest friends happy and healthy.

Tyndale Library is located at New Saint Andrews College in downtown Moscow, Idaho. Its 56,000-volume collection is well suited to the College’s classical Christian liberal arts curriculum, with strengths in literature, history, philosophy, theology and more. New Saint Andrews is one of a few Christian undergraduate colleges in the country devoted exclusively to the classical liberal arts from a Trinitarian worldview.

New Saint Andrews is an accredited member of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. It was named one of the Top-50 “All-American Colleges” for conservatives, old-fashioned liberals and people of faith by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in 2006. We invite you to become one of the Friends of Tyndale Library this year as well.Library staff members are currently processing a comprehensive collection of periodicals and unique books

Mr. Ed Iverson - Head LibrarianEd Iverson - Head Librarian

Head Librarian, Tyndale Library
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Fellow

Mr. Iverson is the Head Librarian at the College's Tyndale Library, a teaching Fellow, and Director of Institutional Effectiveness. Joining the College faculty in 2004, he has more than 14 years of librarian experience, including service as the College's first professional library consultant starting back in 1997. Prior to coming to New Saint Andrews and Tyndale Library, Mr. Iverson was a high school librarian and district library coordinator, an elder at Immanuel Presbyterian Church (CRE), and a founder and chairman of the board of Logos Christian Academy, all in Fallon, NV.

Mr. Iverson holds a Masters of Library Science from the University of Southern Mississippi (1990), a Diploma in Christian Studies from  Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia (1980), and a B.A. in Biology from Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA (1969). He received additional teaching credentials in multiple natural science subjects from Montana State and the University of Montana.

He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Japan in 1998 and a National Science Foundation Fellowship at Ball State University's Biology Department in the summer of 1972. As a school teacher in Mullan, ID, he was honored as Teacher of the Year in 1989 and also received an Outstanding Teacher Award from the University of Idaho Alumni Association in 1988.

Mr. Iverson and wife Paula are building a home and planting a tree farm on acreage in the Viola area, north of Moscow.